what is Relic & Craft?

it's about what you treasure, cherish, covet ...
in what I create, I am inspired by the beauty of imagination free from branded influences...imagination that flows freely, in harmony with nature and wonder and exploration ...
my crowns are for our children or ourselves - any age or gender - to celebrate the passage of a year, a holiday, an adventure, or an afternoon.  they are meant to be worn.

i create in felt, cottons, reclaimed wool, and any other found fabric with a  story or special je ne sais quoi.
everything i create is designed, hand cut and sewn by me.  if i don't love it, if there isn't a little part of me that struggles with passing it on, i wont offer it to someone else.

in what i curate, I am inspired by the iconic beauty of midcentury and Danish lines, character, evolution, practicality and peculiarity.  furniture, books, pottery, housewares, textiles and ephemera that speaks of an aesthetic nonpareil. despite evolving trends it's an era we return to again and again for inspiration in design and with reproductions.  i will only profess to be an expert in knowing what i love, so that is what i curate - covetable treasures to make our weird little worlds nicer to look at.

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